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Workplace Mental Health Training

Once your organization has a foundation of workplace mental health awareness and literacy through conversations and leveraging existing resources (read more in our Awareness services), it's time to invest in targeted training.

Choosing the Right Workplace Mental Health Training 

This FREE expert consultation helps you decide which training, program, tool, or campaign fits best with your organization or team's culture, needs, and budget. I will share an inventory of courses I have taken, evaluated, and delivered, to help you find the one that fits best. 

45 minutes

No charge

Participants: Client, Strategy Owner, People and Culture team

Workplace Mental Health Training with the Mental Health Commission of Canada

As an experienced trainer for "The Working Mind for Managers" and "The Working Mind for Employees," by the Mental Health Commission of Canada," I deliver engaging and impactful in-person training and coach you how to create the maximum return on investment during and after this evidence-based training.

7 hours (leaders)

5 hours (employees)

8 - 15 participants (virtual)

10 - 25 participants (in-person) 

Preparing for Workplace Mental Health Conversations for Human Resource Professionals 

Conversations about mental health can be difficult. Many HR professionals and leaders find it puzzling to engage in conversation and understand their responsibilities, as well as what internal and external resources are available to them.

I share stories that guide us through the most common workplace mental health scenarios and educate participants on where to find the resources they can use and share with employees and leaders. 

90 minutes

Includes consultation in advance, integration of your organization's internal resources, delivery, customized slide deck with facilitator notes, and a follow up email for participants.

New Courses Coming Fall 2022

Leader Conversations

Through these 3 programs, leaders will progress from a place of foundational understanding of how to have important conversations with their employees, to a place of confidence in providing the support needed.

Best Practices for Team and One-on-One Check-Ins

1 hour

Navigating Performance Management vs. Disability Management

Co-created with Debbie Lang Pearmain - Mental Health and Wellness Consultant/Trainer

2 hours

Best Practices Before, During, and After Medical Leave for a Successful Return to Work

2 hours

Compassion in the Workplace

The Compassionate Workplace Campaign is designed to help companies improve their ‘care culture’ by proactively supporting those among us who are caregiving, grieving, or living with a serious illness.

People are at the core of Canadian workplaces and with our aging population, it is more important than ever to ensure employers and employees are equipped with the information and resources they need to support colleagues during difficult times.

I am thrilled to be Pallium Canada's first certified trainer of the Compassion in the Workplace program.

Take Care: Be Your Best Through Active Self-Care

I am the first Trainer for Thrive Alive Communications' Active Self-Care workshop. This evidence-based workshop does more than talk about self care, it asks us "How many balls are you juggling? And what happens when one drops?"


This training provides participants with a powerful tool to map and measure their "balls in the air" and focus both their passive and active self-care where they need it most.


Participants leave with a personalised map to build work-life synchronisation and move from human-doing to human-being.


The content was developed, designed, and tested by Dr. Trena Anastasia,  and is targeted to employees and leaders who understand the value of self care but need a plan to take action.

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