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Bridging the gap
to mental health

Consulting | Awareness | Training

Let's get more people, more help, sooner.

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I founded Abridge Consulting based on a simple, but not easy, goal - to get more people, more help, sooner. I believe we can all learn how to be a bridge between people struggling with their mental health and the support they need and deserve.  Abridge Consulting clients are organizations and teams who are ready to invest in their people, culture, and bottom line.

When I created my personal vision as happy, healthy, and grateful, I  honored health and wellness in my personal life more tangibly. That is when my career evolved to align with my core values and skills. Through years of experience and professional development, my specialty is workplace wellbeing, workplace mental health, and workplace suicide prevention.

With a strong background in learning and facilitation, and a passion for workplace mental health, I spent several years as a Corporate Wellness Manager. During that time, I championed workplace mental health and overall employee total health for 6,000+ employees province-wide, by building enterprise-wide strategies for mental, physical, emotional, and financial wellness. The results of my workplace mental health training program were closely measured and outperformed similar organizations across Canada.

I call myself a “relatable” role model who does the best I can to invest in my own mental, physical, and sleep health, but like most of us, I know I can always do more. I am a busy working parent of two kids and two dogs, and have big plans to conquer the amateur senior’s tennis tour someday.

Watch: Tara Adams, Panel Member for The Globe & Mail presents Navigating Mental Health: Protecting Employees in the Post Pandemic World (Sept 2020)

Abridge Consulting Services

Bridging the gap to mental health

Creating a culture of positive mental health, where the norm is to both ask for help and offer help, takes a layered approach. I can help your organization or team build each layer to create a strong foundation that promotes wellbeing and prevents harm.



We'll help you figure out where to start and what to do next 

Building Mental Health Awareness

Hosting conversations and implementing awareness campaigns

Mental Health Training

Delivering and measuring effective training 

Workplace Suicide Prevention

Build a suicide safer workplace

Public Speaking

Expert keynote speaking and facilitation for a variety of workplace mental health topics


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Certified Facilitator


The Mental Health Commission of Canada is a world leader in mental health programming and delivery for front line workers, the workplace, post secondary, indigenous groups, youth and more. I am a Certified Trainer for The Working Mind for Managers and Employees, as well as The Working Mind for Coaches and Athletes.

Certified Facilitator

LivingWorks is the world leader in Suicide Prevention awareness and training.
I am a Certified Trainer for SafeTalk, and have certificates in ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills, SafeTalk, and Start.


Certificate in Mental Health Leadership

I completed the Queen's Mental Health Leadership Certificate as part of a strong foundation for understanding how to build positive workplace mental health.

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Certified Facilitator

I am officially the first Trainer for Pallium Canada and their Compassion in the Workplace Campaign. This campaign provides organizations and employees with the tools, skills and language to support employees who may be grieving, caregiving or living with a serious illness while at work. This national program can be customized to your organization and includes a 1 hour live virtual training.

Give Back

Converge Coalition

 2020 - present

U of C Scholar's Academy

2017 - present

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