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Workplace Suicide Prevention

Once your leaders have a solid foundation to role model and support workplace mental health, some teams will be ready to dig further into suicide prevention, specifically in the context of the workplace. This topic is particularly relevant for client-facing teams or teams that have experienced a loss to suicide. I will customize the content for your organization, to help build a suicide-safer workplace that prepares employees to reach out for help themselves, or to support a co-worker or a client at an appropriate level.

Introduction to Suicide Prevention in the Workplace Webinar

The topic of suicide has become more common in our personal and professional lives. This 90-minute webinar provides participants with a general understanding of suicide in their communities and workplace.


It provides 4 steps for workplace suicide prevention, as well as information, tools, resources, and discussion of real-life scenarios.

Participants will come away with knowledge of how to prepare for, respond, debrief, and inform when encountering a person with thoughts of suicide.

90 minutes

Participants: Suitable for a broad audience.

safeTalk Training by LivingWorks

safeTalk - suicide alertness for everyone - is one of several world class courses by LivingWorks. As a certified trainer, I deliver this 3.5 hour course in-person.

3.5 hours

Building a Suicide-Safer Workplace Package

This package includes a one-hour life prep session with a highly trained facilitator who will explain the benefits of suicide prevention in the workplace, introduce key resources, and set expectations.

Participants then complete a 90-minute self-directed online course by LivingWorks. Then, participants attend a second one-hour facilitated session to debrief their learning, provide feedback, ask questions, review resources, and learn how to apply the learning in the workplace.

2 x 60 minutes facilitated session + 1 x 90 minutes self-directed online learning

Max 25 participants 

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