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Wooden Steps


  • Mental Health Strategy - Together, we'll talk about where to start and how to figure out what your people know, say, and do about mental health. Using your own data, we'll work toward building mental health strategically in your organization. If you have an existing program, I will review and work with you to make improvements.

  • Mental Health Training - Choosing the right mental health training for your organization or team is critical. We'll work to recommend the program, tool, or campaign that fits best with your organization or team’s culture, needs, and budget, to create the change you want. 

  • Pilot and Measure - I'll help you build measurable pilot projects to launch mental health awareness or training.

The workplace is one of the most important places to learn the skills needed to be "the bridge" between people struggling with their mental health. I have championed workplace mental health and employee total health throughout my career. I can help you determine what can be done in your workplace and the steps you can take to create a workplace of strong mental health.

Building Mental Health Awareness

Building Mental Health Awareness
Learn how to

  • Start an organization-wide conversation about mental health that fits your organization's culture and level of awareness.

  • Build an internal mental health awareness campaign.

  • Build internal mental health leaders and champions who consistently promote mental health and internal resources.

  • Implement an external mental health awareness campaign to create a lasting impact.

Building an organization wide awareness and shared language around workplace mental health is crucial to creating dialogue and reducing stigma.

Mental Health Training
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Mental Health Training

I can provide

  • Courses designed and delivered by Abridge Consulting.

Workplace mental health training builds better leaders, and helps them manage their own and their teams' mental health and better support employees.

Workplace Suicide Prevention

Workplace Suicide Prevention


  • Benefits of suicide prevention in the workplace.

  • Key resources and step-by-step guidance.

  • 2 expert facilitator-led sessions + online self-directed module through LivingWorks.

  • Building a suicide safer workplace that fits your needs and culture.

Thoughts of suicide are far more common than most people believe.

Holding Hands

Public Speaking


  • Keynote speaker

  • Panel member

  • Event Host / MC

I have the experience in all of these roles and would love to partner with you to make your next event a success!

Public Speaking
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